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Long Term Athletic Development

The majority of my work is focused towards working with women of all ages to encourage confidence within sport and healthier lifestyles. It's often the case within their sessions that my clients children are watching, or wanting to join in... I LOVE that. Encouraging children from a young age to partake in sport can help to build strong foundations to a healthier adult lifestyle away from

chronic diseases, so when my client's children ask if they can watch or join in with "Mum", I don't like to say no. Like mother, like daughter after all.

I used to love PE in school, and was always encouraged by my parents to try different sports. I have danced for the majority of my life, both as a hobby and later as a dance teacher, but also regularly played netball, football, rounders or ran weekly during my time at junior and senior school. We were lucky enough to have a trampoline and basketball net in the garden too, so spent a lot of time outside playing. However, with growing levels of childhood obesity, it makes me wonder why children are susceptible to obesity when there can be so much on offer for them. Sports and playtime don't have to be competitive; they just