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Current Clients who train weekly with AJR Personal Trainer


"Amy has been able to build my balance, strength, stamina and coordination pre & post pregnancy of my 3rd child. I have noticed a real difference in my running since training with Amy, inclines used to kill me and now I find them a lot easier. I love the fact that she keeps our sessions fresh by doing different things, I would not do the things she gets me to do if I went to a gym by myself. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to try a PT, and I feel she has competitive prices and flexible times."

"I’ve been training with Amy for around 18 months, once a week, and really enjoy it! Every session is varied and we alway use a range of equipment from dumbells to agility ladders. Amy also provides new ideas to incorporate in gym sessions and home workouts. She is a great personal trainer that runs all our sessions outside come rain or shine!"

"I started training once a week with Amy in September 2016. Every session is different, varied, and most importantly enjoyable (especially boxing sessions!), meaning there is no sense of dread before training even when outside in the rain! She makes sure that, even when I'm at my busiest with University work and may not necessarily have time to go to the gym, I have a variety of home workouts to do to keep me active, as well as providing me with a plan to help me attain my goal of effortlessly running 5k. This help, combined with her innovative and fresh ways of training, makes her the perfect personal trainer for anyone."



Billericay, CM12

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