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One-To-One Training

Personalised Training Sessions

Personal Training at StudioAJR, in the comfort of your own home or local park, at a time that best suits you.

All equipment used in sessions is supplied by AJR Personal Trainer, but any equipment you have will also be incorporated.

One-To-One Training: Services

Single Session Prices

Pay as You Go

For clients who are looking to pay for sessions on a weekly basis, without commitment.

30 minutes £17.50

45 minutes £23.50

60 minutes £28.50

Student Sessions - please see below.

(Prices correct as of 1st April 2024.)

One-To-One Training: Welcome

Block Payments for Solo Sessions


Ideal for people looking to ease themselves into exercise, whether a complete beginner or recovering from a period of rest. Three to four sessions per week suggested where possible.

30 Minutes

Block of 4 sessions - £65
Block of 8 sessions - £128



For those who are looking for a more detailed understanding of exercise, or already have a basic level of fitness that they are looking to improve. Two to three sessions per week suggested.

45 Minutes

Block of 4 sessions - £90
Block of 8 sessions - £176


Great for more experienced fitness clients, or for those who can perhaps only fit one to two sessions per week.

60 Minutes

Block of 4 sessions - £109

Block of 8 sessions - £208


Student Sessions

Aged 6-16 / Uni Students

For those looking to work on their general fitness levels.

Those under 18 must have all forms signed by a parent or guardian. Uni students must show a valid form of ID to receive a discount.

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes




One-To-One Training: Services
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