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Barriers to Exercise (and how to overcome them!)

As a fitness professional in the industry, it’s not unusual for clients and group members to need to cancel sessions or classes occasionally. Understandably, we can’t always help that problems may arise, but it should be important for both the client and trainer to understand potential barriers to exercise when starting training - especially those barriers that may continuously sneak into conversation!

So, what exactly do I mean by “barriers” to exercise? A barrier is seen as anything that may stop anyone from exercising. This can then be broken into two categories; intrinsic and extrinsic barriers. Intrinsic barriers are those that are perceived to stop someone from exercising or creating a healthy lifestyle – but may be easily overcome, whilst extrinsic barriers are actual reasons that may stop someone from accessing exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

To look further into this, let’s first take extrinsic barriers; reasons that may literally mean someone cannot workout. Injuries simply can mean someone can't perform certain exercises, work schedules may stop us from attending certain classes at the gym, a lack of equipment (or access to equipment) may mean we can’t perform certain types of training, certain towns and schools may not have facilities to offer particular sports to their community, or for some (especially during lockdown!) there may be a lack of access to technology