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Why Should I Exercise Barefoot?

Most trainers/sports shoes now are quite built up in the sole, to support our knees/ankles etc through explosive movements such as running or jumping - which is great and sometimes, what we need.

However, when going back to basics with exercises such as lunging or squatting, it is more beneficial to complete the exercises bare foot. By doing so, it allows the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) to work through their full range of motion - perhaps improving flexibility for some who are more often that not in heels and as a result may have shortened calf muscles, and in addition engages more of the quadriceps and gluten since they can be properly aligned with the squat movement.

If you've never performed squats or lunges barefoot before, it may be a good idea to reduce the weight that you are lifting to find your balance, and allow the muscles and joints to stretch out.

When done regularly, and with correct technique you'll start to notice a difference to your training and to muscle tone, as well as minimising the risk of injuries.

Gotta be worth a try right?!

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