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Following my most recent blog post, titled "Why Aren't I Losing Weight?" (read here), I thought it may be useful to follow up with the idea of malnutrition. Defined simply as "lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat." (definition from Oxford Dictionaries, via )

I discussed the fact that it is possible to lose weight through a calorie deficit, even if our calorie deficit only included fast foods, or foods high in sugars/fats/salts etc. If you're consuming 1500 calories in a day but using up 1800 calories, then yes you would be in a calorie deficit. However, I see too often that some fitness "professionals" suggest that this calorie deficit can be made up using takeaways, and what I like to call brown food... you know exactly what I mean - throwback to the days of chicken nuggets, smiley potatoes and beans for dinner.

To sum this up... regular calorie deficits may mean that yes you lose weight, but you may in fact be malnourished. More so to the point, someone could be classed as obese in the BMI section but in fact still be malnourished. If we eat a very restricted diet - or perhaps are just fussy eaters - one may encounter malnourishment. So here's my question to you... how varied is your diet?