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Exeskin Natural Balm Review from Ultra Bee

(Before I start, I should say this is in no way an endorsed promotion or advert... just a genuine product review that has really helped me in recent weeks - "Credit where credit is due" as they say.)

I've had eczema on and off throughout my life, and more so at times of stress - whether or not I felt I was stressed, it seemed to come and go for a few months at a time. I remember during my school exams I used to get it quite badly within my eyebrows or across my hands, whilst during this pandemic (and on the lead up to lockdown especially, with with so much uncertainty) my eczema returned across my forehead and all around my hair line, as well as little patches on my hands. This wasn't helped by the constant need to wash our hands before lockdown... it became a constant cycle of washing your hands and applying creams - although even then using the wrong cream/handwash would cause more problems, making my hands even dryer, more red and itchy (I'm sure anyone with eczema or similar skin irritations can understand this!). It also seemed that the more stressed I get from having eczema, or the more people point it out, the more eczema I get - you can't win!

I've tried lots of different creams (and shampoos for the eczema in my hairline). They do seem to work for a week or two, but then it almost hits a plateau and the skin becomes itchy and sore again. I was at my last resort (I'm skeptical about using prescribed steroid creams due to the possible side effects), when Mum came across this product on the internet. Reviews said how good it was, so I thought I'd give it a try. I ordered the 100ml Ultra Bee Exeskin Balm for Dry Skin and Scalp Relief (£16.95 plus postage). After a few days it arrived in the post and I set to using it straight away.

The smell is quite pleasant - a gentle mix of honey and tea tree oil and it has the same texture as vaseline, so I would only suggest using it at night time (unless you like the extra shiny look...). I cleansed my face as normal on the first night I received it, added some balm to my forehead and also ran it through my hairline, then cleansed and shampooed as normal when I woke the next morning. FINALLY a product that works immediately!!! I've continued to use the balm on my forehead almost every night for a week, or my hairline every few days (be prepared to wash your hair the morning after if putting it on the scalp). Within a week all of my eczema has pretty much gone, and I couldn't be happier about the way my skin is now looking.

I love that this balm comes from a UK based company, uses all natural ingredients and is suitable for all ages/skin types. You literally need a small drop of this balm and it spreads a long way. They also do a range of other products which I would look to trying in the future - supporting small businesses at the moment is super important! The only downside to this product is how greasy it is - but like I say, if you're only using it at night then this doesn't matter too much. I'd rather use this product of a nighttime knowing it works, than spend any more time trying to find products that aren't as greasy but don't work as well! I guess the true test will be if I have any further eczema flare-ups and if the balm can still work it's magic. So far, so good, and a definite recommendation to anyone suffering with eczema.

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