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"I Don't Have the Time..."

Perhaps one of the top reasons I am given from clients for not completing exercises or eating more healthily following a session that they have had with me. If you ask me, I think actually, for the most-part this is complete and utter rubbish. It’s not that you ‘don’t have time’, it’s that you’ve not prioritised your health.

We’re all victims of this phrase at one time or another, but what I’m trying to ask is how often you use this phrase in your vocabulary. Yes, life does throw things at you that sometimes you just cannot help. Sometimes you just do not have the time for a healthy balanced meal, so instead you opt for a quick ready meal, or takeaway. Sometimes you actually need to work an hour later than usual, cutting out your gym time for that day. But have you ever sat back and realised that YOU DO ACTUALLY HAVE THE TIME!

I can almost guarantee that most of you spend an hour (or more) per day on your phone, sitting down… have you considered using 30 minutes of this per day to go for a walk, try a HIIT session, or go to an exercise class? There’s so much available to us now that we take it for granted. If you must insist on using your phone, then there’s multiple apps for exercise or meal ideas, that you don’t even have to think about doing it!

I appreciate that exercise and meal prep isn’t everyone’s idea of fun (although I quite enjoy it!) but it should be a priority for all ages. I think it’s important for us to educate children and young adults into making better choices with regards to their health, and I also believe it’s important for them to see us doing so – they understand and see far more than we maybe realise, but healthy habits really do start from home.

It doesn’t take a lot to begin, and healthy habits can quickly form. It just comes from prioritising your health, and the health of those that you may look after.

For example, my priorities in life, that I always try to achieve are as follows:

  1. Working hard, but enjoying the benefits alongside the hard work.

  2. Taking rest time when I need it (listening to my body, and getting enough regular sleep).

  3. Exercising often, challenging myself to improve, but being aware of what “too much” means to me.

  4. Eating a balanced diet – 90% healthy choices, with a little treat every now and then (NUTELLA!!!)

  5. Maintaining a social life, among family, boyfriend and friends – making memories as little or as big as they may be. Trying to travel often.

When you take a step back and look at things from a different perspective, you can start to realise what’s important in life, what makes you happy, and whether you are in control of the things that are happening. I make myself and my health a priority, and try to always find “the time”.

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