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Body Confident and Beautiful

I write this post following a few little thoughts that I had whilst on holiday in Lake Garda last week (an absolutely beautiful, laid-back holiday if you're wondering). We were sat by the pool watching the sunset among the mountains, after a day of sight-seeing around the local town, Lazise, catching the last few rays for the day. I had taken with me the most recent issue of Women's Health to read at the pool - the 2018 Naked Issue, with Jenna Dewan on the cover (girl crush!!!).

Flicking through the magazine with my family, we came across an article that got us talking... "Do you feel beautiful?" and "Do you feel confident?". I soon realised that although I had answered the question, I had done so in a roundabout way. My answer to both questions wasn't a definite "YES", more of a "depends what I'm wearing, or what day of the month it is, or if I've got makeup on," etc etc. This was backed up by the stats from Women's Health suggesting that 56% of women didn't feel beautiful, although this stat varied among different nationalities. I felt like I'd given a little bit of a rip-off answer since all the most influential women in my life have always taught me to love myself for who I am.

For me, it's not that I don't feel beautiful or confident - just some days are better than others; my makeup is 'on fleek' (as you might say being from Essex), my hair is actually sitting in the position I want it to, my outfit looks slick, and the new pair of shoes I just bought makes my legs actually look long (at last! 5ft 4in...).

Some days I don't need any of those things. I feel confident in my own skin, and I feel happy and that's all you can hope for some days.

Other days I feel nothing at all, and that's still OK. Not everyone can have a 'good' day everyday. Maybe your hair needs a wash, the spot on your chin is ready to burst at any moment, or you've had a massive dinner and you're sitting feeling as bloated as a pot-bellied pig. (I know I certainly have these days.)

Travelling back on the plane a couple of days after this conversation I happened to choose a podcast by Fearne Cotton, with Emma Willis as a guest speaker. ("Happy Place" 7th May 2018)

I've never listened to any of these podcasts before, but I wanted something new to listen to and I wasn't disappointed. They were having almost the exact conversation that I'd had only a few days prior. In my eyes both of these women are beautiful and they shine confidence like it's going out of fashion - but even they said that they had their down days, and that spoke loud to me, prompting this blog post.

My "beautiful" and "body confidence" will be completely different to someone else. I've come to the conclusion that I feel most confident knowing that I've exercised and eaten a balanced diet with consistency. I don't wish to be 'ripped' but I like the 'athletic' look. (I consider myself part of the 61% of women who say that feel most confident after a workout, according to WH magazine)

I've always taken everything in balance, and this is something I always preach to my clients - I have a sweet tooth *NUTELLA QUEEN*, but I eat the sweet things in moderation, knowing that I work out often and have a very active job, 6 days of the week.

I feel most beautiful with a natural face of makeup, and a gentle tan. Occasional spots are generally held at bay by keeping myself well-hydrated, with a good variety of foods and skin-care routine to keep my skin as fresh as possible.

Put me in Nike Pro shorts and crop top, (or a bikini by the water...wishful thinking for every day of the year!) with a little bit of mascara and my eyebrows penciled in, and I'm on to a winner. Beautiful and Body Confident.


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