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What can AJR offer to you?

Perhaps quite an important question if you've never before had a Personal Trainer, or if you are unsure of whether you could benefit from one!

My answer... I can probably offer you far more than you realise.

From experience of working with a range of clients for the past few years, I can tell you that there are many reasons you may want to work with a PT, aside from just losing weight, which is often the main thing people think of when Personal Trainers come into conversation.

I've worked with many people over my few years of being a PT, but have had very few that have trained with me consistently throughout that time... for the very reason, that those who have stuck with their sessions know exactly what they want to achieve from their time with me.

Most people want a quick fix... for me to turn round and tell them there's a magic potion that I can offer, for them to have achieved their goal within a just a few weeks of training! Unfortunately that isn't possible. Not from me, and not from any other trainer.

In fact, the clients that I have worked best with, and those who have stayed for the duration, are those that are realistic, and I'll reiterate; they know what they want to achieve. I've found that perhaps only 10% of my clients are with me to lose weight, and through hard work and self-motivation they have done so over a certain period of time. Losing weight however, is only one of many reasons that you may need a PT.

So why train with AJR? (please note, these are not in any particular order...)

1. To lose weight and tone up. You should be aware of the work that you need to put in, in addition to our training sessions, through eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Quick fixes (slimming shakes/crash dieting etc) DO NOT LAST and you'll be back to square one very quickly! Avoid this by getting the help of a PT.

2. To improve the quality of your sport. I have a few clients who really enjoy a particular sport, and compete in local competitions where possible. Running, cycling, swimming and dancing are the main sports I have so far come across with clients, and to compliment their training regime for their sport, they'll train with me once or twice a week in which we target the particular muscle groups that they will be using - we do this through strengthening, toning and stretching to avoid tight muscles and injuries.

3. To maintain a certain level of health. This isn't just for the older clients - I have a couple of clients who work in very busy city jobs, in which they are leaving home early, and arriving home late or having to continue work whilst they are home. The sessions that they have with me allow them to book time in for themselves, since they may otherwise not prioritise their own health levels into their work schedule!

4. To compliment your own gym sessions. Perhaps you already attend a gym or classes, but want to learn something new with a trainer. This can help to push the quality of your own sessions further, or maybe allows you to find more motivation to keep your normal routine ticking along at a steady pace without plateau.

5. To build confidence. You may only just be starting a gym routine, but don't feel that you are yet confident enough to step foot into a gym... and that's ok! AJR offers home PT sessions, with all equipment provided that we will need. We can build a base level of fitness and confidence in the comfort of your own home, without the worry of intimidation walking into a gym.

Can you relate to any of the above reasons? Contact AJR today to discuss sessions further, and to get answers to any questions you may have about training. / IG: @ajrpersonaltrainer



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