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Posture is defined as "the position in which someone holds their body when sitting or standing"... both of those things we do a lot of in everyday life. Some of us sit more than others depending on job role and physical activity levels throughout the day, but you may be wondering why I'm discussing it.

Our bodies can also be looked at as a "Human Movement System", or "the Kinetic Chain", which helps us to describe and understand human movements and the processes by which we move. Our body can be broken down into 6 main pieces; the trunk (our main mid-section of body), plus four limbs and the head, and further broken down into bones, joints, and muscles essentially. Each movement we perform can have an effect on another body part. If one section is misplaced slightly then we will soon notice problems in other body parts since the chain has been disturbed or has become disconnected. However, movement patterns will still continue and we find ways to deal with and complete daily tasks, even if it may have continued knock-on effects.

Most movements that we complete are repeated daily; sitting, standing, reading, sleeping, using technology and so on... What I'm asking you to consider is how well you hold yourself during these movements, and how many of them are done properly? Let's take sitting at a desk for an example, since many jobs are desk bound, and perhaps even more so now during lockdown - my job included for some of the day. Do you use a laptop, or desktop computer with keyboard and mouse? How supportive is your chair, and how well can you sit at a desk without slumping? How often do you stand up and stretch your legs, or roll your shoulders back to loosen up? Lastly, how many of us are culprits of chin poking - reading our computers, phones or books and suddenly realising that our chin is pushing further forward, away from the centre of our spine?