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Portion Sizes

Trying to eat healthily can sometimes be seen as a chore... I get it. However, what's more of a chore is getting ourselves into bad habits that become hard to change later in life. I always think of the foods we've eaten in our family growing up and although we tend to have dessert regularly or sweet treats throughout the week, we also have learnt to realise the importance of eating healthier options too - this is something that I think is really important to teach children. They follow in our footsteps sometimes more than we realise; fussy adults can create fussy children, and although being a picky eater may not be a problem in all cases, it can sometimes lead to poor eatings habits or an unhealthy relationship with food.

I know that when it comes to tracking food (see my recent blog post here) it can seem more hassle than its worth for some people, however when wanting to get on top of our habits, lose some weight or build some muscle for example, food tracking can come in really handy. It is for this reason that it's also important to understand portion sizes. I've heard so many times "...but I eat a really healthy diet, I don't understand why I'm not losing weight!" - sure, you may eat a very healthy diet but if your portions are