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We've all heard the phrase "Mind over Matter" right? It's applicable to most things in life I would say... a positive outlook on life really does make a difference to how we live and feel, which I know for some people isn't always easy - believe me I understand. I'm not writing this post as an "everyone should wake up happy and be happy 24/7, and achieve absolutely everything at the same level as everyone else" type post; it's unrealistic. Instead I'm writing this post to try and help you change your mindset when it comes to training.

Not everyone enjoys exercise. I know it's hard sometimes, and it might mean stepping outside of your comfort zone. As a personal trainer part of my job is to help motivate you into wanting to make a change in some way or another, and to some extent you've already made that first step of wanting to change when you seek my help. I then continue to provide exercises to challenge you and to find something that you enjoy, to help make the exercise a little easier. Exercising doesn't have to always just be about weight-loss, building muscle or training for an event. Sometimes exercising is more about finding time for yourself each week to improve overall health (both physical and mental health) and helping to create a habit of regular exercise as part of your weekly or daily routine.

How should you go about changing your mindset in the first place I hear you ask? Well I actually would respond with a question... how much do you WANT to make a change? Very few people go from no exercise at all to exercising for an hour 5 days a week all in one go; most people need to break it up. Start by setting yourself small regular goals. For example, if your goal is about starting to run, then try to run for 1 minute, followed by a short walk - 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat as necessary, to what suits you best. Then the next time you go out running, try 1 minute and 20 seconds followed by a shorter walk. Build things up slowly.Your body will soon learn to endure a longer distance or a faster pace, and the thought process behind this changes without you even realising. You can look back and see how far you have travelled (sometimes quite literally if you're running!) but it will then spur you on to do more.