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Calories and Exercise

A recent conversation with one of my clients sparked interest for this blog post... we started off discussing the heart rate features on fitness watches, and the difference in calories burnt during different types of exercise. Later this week I plan to write an entire blog post discussing heart rate's before, during and after exercise, but for this week I set myself the task of comparing different exercise sessions in the means of calories burned.

The task; 30 minutes sessions throughout this past week covering 5 different exercise types to see how they compared. I stuck strictly to 30 minutes with minimal rest throughout the session, noted the active and total calories burnt and also compared average heart rate at the immediate end of my session and the recovery heart rate after 5 minutes.I've rated them below from least calories burnt to most calories burnt in 30 minutes, provided screenshots of my watch after the session and a nice sweaty selfie from each session to prove I did actually do the session! 🥵

Please note; I use an Apple Watch series 1 to record my workouts. During sessions it tells you your "active calories" - the amount of calories you're burning for the actual exercise you're doing, and the "total calories" - the amount of calories that you burn during exercise and with recovery time in between sets or reps, since the body continues to use energy after sessions. Different types of exercise sessions can burn more calories than others due to the amount of oxygen needed to transport blood and nutrients around the body after a session - this is called "Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption" or EPOC for short; essentially some workouts continue to burn calories for much longer than others afterwards so are considered more efficient if weight loss is your goal.