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Flexibility For All

Having danced from a young age, I have always recognised the importance of flexibility and mobility, and unlike most people I've enjoy the feeling that comes from a stretch.

For most people, stretching can feel uncomfortable, yet when done properly with a steady breathing rate maintained, the benefits of regular flexibility and mobility exercises can undo our bad habits that are most often bought on from lifestyle choices and work schedules. Regularly looking at screens nowadays can cause tight shoulders, chest and neck muscles. Staying sedentary in our jobs can cause tight hips, hamstrings and gluteals, or like the majority of gym-goers we avoid the after-exercise stretch due to lack of time, or because there's something better we feel we should be getting on with!

I want to change your mind on this matter; making a habit of performing flexibility exercises be can far more beneficial than many realise. I'm not talking splits and backbends, just a general feeling of being able to reverse bad habits from everyday life.