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Sport- Specific Personal Training

The benefits of having a Personal Trainer; today I’m talking with regards to specific sports or training for specific events.

Having had a few conversations lately with a mixture of people, I often get asked what my clients want out of their training. Typically, we assume that people want to lose weight and to tone up - something very hard to measure. We have good weeks and bad weeks, with regards to food and training. However, it’s not just for this reason that you may choose to have a personal trainer.

I have several clients who measure their training in a different way. They enjoy a particular sport, whether that be running, cycling or for myself, dancing. As athletes interested in a particular sport, we measure our progress through races, distances, times, aesthetics or output of power. As a Personal Trainer I design my programme around the client's sport, encouraging them to actively take part in as many races or events as possible and tailor the training sessions to the particular muscle groups needed to strengthen up for the particular sport.

Your goal doesn’t have to be numbers on the weighing scales, or the aesthetics of a “before and after” photo. It can instead be, that by the end of a six week training block you have trained for a 5k run in under 30 minutes, for example.

When it comes to sport I’m very competitive (my family will tell you!) so I don’t compete with anyone but myself... to jump further, to achieve oversplits, to pull myself up to an extra chin-up, and more often than not, to be able to dance for longer with more perceived output of energy in order to make the dance more powerful and aesthetically pleasing.

With this in mind, do you train for your sport? Do you want to improve your running time, or be able to cycle or swim a certain distance? Keep your goals in mind - lots of short term, achievable goals make for good progress.

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