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A Little Welcome, from AJR

So let me introduce name is Amelia Jane Robinson, from Essex, aged 22.

I am a Personal Trainer (qualified by Premier Global NASM) and a Dance Teacher (ISTD qualified), Barre Strength Instructor and most recently, Acrobatic Arts Qualified.

I have always danced from a young age (ballet, tap, modern, and freestyle) and have been inspired by so many people over the years. I felt it was only right to carry on what felt like second nature to me - hopefully meaning I can continue to inspire those that I teach!

Alongside my dancing, fitness has been another massive part of my life - from sports teams at school (football, netball and rounders amongst others) to regularly attending gym classes in my late teens, something which I still love to do.

I've always found a sense of security and a feeling of calmness through both dancing and going to the gym. There's also a feeling of accomplishment whether winning a team game of rounders, passing a dance exam, or noticing a healthy change in my body shape and tone from the work I put in (thanks to a good diet and balanced exercise). The best way to continue these feelings is for me to work with other like-minded people in the classes that I teach and the personal training sessions that I lead. Not all clients are the same, but with a little bit of gentle encouragement I can soon notice a difference in the work that we put in as a team.

All of my Personal Training sessions are based in the comfort of your own home, and utilises any equipment that you may have, as well as body-weight exercises and a range of equipment that I bring with me. The aim of sessions is for you to enjoy fitness, without losing motivation, or for the sessions to feel like a chore. An enjoyable fitness journey can make for a more effective one.

Furthermore, I believe that my dance background helps to set me aside from other personal trainers - in addition to the usual understanding of nutrition and exercise, I can add a new meaning to flexibility and mobilisation within your sessions and provide a wider variety of exercises to target all areas of the body.

Please feel free to contact me today ( for more information on sessions, or if you have any questions.

I look forward to sharing more of my dance/fitness journey with you...

from AJR Personal Trainer x

Instagram - ajrpersonaltrainer

Website -

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